What Are People Saying About the VBAC Education Project?

13 Aug

The VBAC Education Project (VEP)endorsed by the International Childbirth Education Association and the International Cesarean Awareness Network, was developed to empower women to make their own decisions about how they want to give birth after a cesarean and to provide VBAC-friendly birth professionals and caregivers with the tools and resources to support them. Since it’s launch on-line on August 10, this free, evidence-based teaching tool has received many positive reviews from birth professionals. The VEP is accessed by over 150 countries and is downloaded, on average,  500 times a month from vbac.com.   The VBAC Education Project

Here is what maternity care professionals are saying about the VEP:



  • Very well done. Patients across the nation and around the world will benefit from the work you have done.
    Tami Michele, D.O., FACOG, Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Family Birth Center
  • Thanks for these fabulous guidelines and handouts. You have been providing me with materials to share the evidence with parents making difficult choices for years and you’ve never disappointed me. These materials will shape how we present VBAC information to more parents than you or I can count. For all the families you help, thank you.
    Barbara Anthony Hotelling, Clinical Nurse Educator, Duke University School of Nursing
  • I’ve gone through your wonderful resource. You’ve put so much attention and detail into this project and it’s presented so beautifully. You must feel incredibly proud and satisfied with your life’s work. It’s a massive achievement.
    Wintergreen, Director, Common Knowledge Trust, birthingbetter.org
  • Thank you for sharing the VBAC Education Project. It is very well done!
    Kate Bauer, Executive Director, American Association of Birth Centers
  • I actually used it as a reference when developing our VBAC101 class. SO helpful. Thank you so much for all the time, heart, and investment you put in. It is clearly evident. I would like to look into integrating it in our training for nurses – That will be the next step .
    Mykel LeCheminant, RNC, BS, Assistant Nurse Manager, Childbirth Education, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
  • We are thinking of sending this around to many MA hospitals to see if they would be willing to adopt this approach (kind of a “preventive” measure…even though many DON’T ban VBACs, I am worried that they might in the future.        
    Judy Norsigian, Our Bodies Our Selves, Co-Founder
  • Hi Nicette! My name is Amber Magee and I am a childbirth educator and Birth Doula. I just wanted to personally thank you (as personal as you can get on Facebook) for all you do for VBAC Moms and for your VBAC teaching guide! I recently had a successful VBA2C in May and have since been writing a class to teach here in Omaha, NE. I just came across the Teaching Guide this evening and am so thankful I did!! What an amazing evidence-based VBAC bible you have compiled!! I am so excited to share this with VBAC Mommas here.
    Amber Magee,
  • From first glance, I am very impressed and it makes me want to read (and learn from) the entire project.
    Christine Morton, Ph.D., Research Sociologist/Program Manager, CMQCC, Stanford U. Medical School
  •  I first want to say that your VBAC resources for parents and educators are amazing.  They are so thorough and it’s amazing that you are offering them so widely.  Thank you for the work you do. I am a doula, childbirth educator, and ICAN leader and have been teaching a short 3-hour “birth after cesarean” workshop for parents for a while now.  I’ve also been talking with my doula organization about offering an extra course through them to help doulas better support families pursuing VBAC. Thank you again for all you do to support mothers, babies, and families!

    Taylor Davis Doula Services



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