One World Birth: The Launch of a Global Media Project and a Revolution

31 Aug

How does a cesarean birth rate nearing or exceeding 50 percent impact society? What will it mean for future generations of women when in our own, many women are disconnected from their own bodies and are afraid to give birth? What does it say about our culture which takes it for granted that maternity care providers find it necessary to protect themselves first and do what’s best for their patients second meanwhile producing poor health outcomes?  What will it take to change the status quo and give the power of birth back to women? Perhaps, nothing less than a revolution. On Thursday, September 1st watch the launch of One World Birth a free video site, online living documentary, a TV channel about birth and a feature length documentary for worldwide release.

The project creators of One World Birth are Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford. Their mission is to make birth better and safer around the world and to empower women to make informed choices about childbirth.

The documentary film begins with a quote from Thomas Jefferson. “Every generation needs a new revolution.”

One World Birth is a global cross-media film project that is also building a community of birth professionals to connect, inspire and to help deliver change. Featured in the film are world renowned birth professionals, researchers and maternity care academics including Sarah Buckley, Michel Odent, Sheila Kitzinger, Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Ina May Gaskin, Soo Downe, and Elizabeth Davis.

Using social media, the producers aim to encourage local action, campaign for policy change, press for media coverage and when the time comes seize the moment.  The trailer of One World Birth which has been on their website for several weeks has already fired up birth activists around the world to create sub-titles for the film in more than seven languages.

Co-creator Toni Harman makes the important point that; “One World Birth is also about YOU! Everyone loves hearing from the leading experts, but what makes this site even more exciting is that we want to include the midwives, doulas and campaigners who are at the front line of birth as your stories are vital to the bigger global picture!”

One World Birth gives everyone around the world who believes that change in childbirth is long overdue the opportunity to get involved and make changes in their own communities.

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