The Home Birth Scare in the U.K.

19 Oct

It seems that the trend to demonize women who choose a home birth with a midwife is not limited to the United States. In Britain, as reported in the Telegraph, women who want to have a home birth are being told  by  their physicians  that they are too young, too old, or too overweight to risk giving birth at home. The National Health Service in the U.K. has established guidelines for low-risk women who want a home birth, but leaders in the Royal College of Midwives are protesting that physicians are treating women as abnormal  and scaring them into having a hospital birth.

Although the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists  (ACOG) states that the safest place to give birth is in the hospital, research shows that for low-risk women, a planned home birth with a licensed midwife is a safe option. With a home birth women are less likely to end up needing  a cesarean and outcomes for mothers and babies are as safe as for hospital births.

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